Top Upgrades for your motorobike

Motorcycles have undoubtedly come a long way over the years. The ability to add upgrades and customize the motorcycle interests many people.

Exhaust Systems

One of the most expensive upgrades to a motorcycle is the exhaust system. Although it is not everyone’s priority, it adds a distinctive look and has a unique sound. Aftermarket exhaust systems are popular and easy to install.

Engine Guards

Engine guards are mostly used for big twin and cruiser models. Engine guards provide steel protection between the engine and the ground. It is better to have a scratch on your guard than your engine. You can easily replace the engine guard.

Frame Sliders

Frame sliders are multi-purpose. Not only can they look fabulous, but they protect the bike’s frame if it tips over or crashes. Plastic frame sliders are less expensive than OEM bike parts. However, putting out the extra money for the better quality ones could save you cash in the long run.

Battery Tender

A battery tender can save the life of your bike’s battery. It will keep your battery in top-notch working condition. It is much more efficient and cheaper to purchase and install a battery tender than to keep replacing the battery.

Fender Eliminators

There are kits available to eliminate the ugly stock fenders which come with the bike. It is imperative to research local laws to see what is legal and what is not.


Normally, when you purchase a motorcycle, they come with general-purpose tires. Depending on what you intend to use the bike for, you may need a specific type of tire. For example, if you will be riding your motorcycle over rough terrain, you will need tires for this purpose. Tires can make all the difference in the feel of the ride.


As with the general-purpose tires you get when you purchase a new motorcycle, windshields are also generally low grade. Windshields are a personal preference. Some people do not like windshields, but others wouldn’t ride without one. There are numerous different styles to select from. Some windshields are tinted or smoked. Other types direct airflow in different directions. Some windshields just add to the appearance of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Stand

A motorcycle stand is an important accessory. There are different styles of stands available. There are rear stands which enable the bike to stand straight up. The rear stand has additional benefits that make life easier when it comes to cleaning and doing maintenance on the bike. Bigger motorcycles better suit the front wheel chock style stand. All you do is roll your bike right into it, and it keeps your bike standing upright. The ability to store your bike in an upright position also means it takes up less space.