Top Upgrades for Your Boat

Many people look forward to summer. Boating is undoubtedly a great way to enjoy the weather. There are many useful upgrades available for your boat.


New motors lead to more power and better performance. A stronger motor can lead to adding more accessories. New motors can also improve fuel economy, saving you money in the long run.

A new motor can cost as much as the boat does. Depending on the model and horsepower you choose, the price can range from $1000 to over $10000. This is the most significant upgrade you can make to any boat.

Carpeting and Seat Upholstery

The boat manufacturing industry has come a long way with the aesthetics in carpeting and seat upholstery. The ideal choice is heavy, snap-in marine carpeting. There are an array of designs and colors available. The snap-in carpeting allows boat owners to change the carpet easily. Seat upholstery can be done by marine dealerships throughout the US. Many of the dealerships offer upgrade services on site. It is a wise idea to keep seat covers on to protect the upholstery against unwelcome elements.


Electrical hazards can be disastrous to a boat. A Galvan Alert is recommended if you keep your boat at a dock and plug it in. The GalvanAlert has four LED warning lights. The product helps minimize corrosion-related damage. This unit will alert boat owners before corrosion decay happens. This will allow you to unplug your boat. When multiple boats are plugged in, there is a possibility of electrical leakage. This can move from one boat to another.

Anchoring System

Upgrading your boat’s anchoring system ensures that it will remain anchored properly. Regular inspection of the anchor system is essential to ensure it is in proper working order. You can add length indicators. This helps keep proper track of the total amount of line you have out.

System Monitors

There are several system monitors available to choose from. Newer models have more bells and whistles. They can monitor tank levels, a number of cycles, run time duration, and bilge pump activity. The battery will also be monitored. The ability to customize alarm settings is ideal.

Oil Changer

One of the biggest tasks when owning a boat is changing the oil. Jabsco has come out with an oil changer, which makes the job much simpler. You can even siphon the oil out of the engine with its dipstick catheter. The oil changer comes with a three and a half gallon reservoir. You simply operate the pump by connecting the leads directly to your engine battery.


LED lighting is trendy today. Installing LED bulbs will result in much less power usage.

Some of these upgrades can be expensive, while others are not. They are all worth considering.