Top motorbike races in canada for amatuers

There are a whole lot of people of all ages who are into motorcycles, but not everyone wants to become a professional racer. For them, there is still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the race, but on an amateur level.

Amateur Riders

Large motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley Davidson have to be aware of their target market. They fully realize that they are not just building bikes for professionals. There are plenty of amateurs who want to own a Harley, but they have to be aware of the size and the power of the bike which they want to buy. Amateur riders also want to have access to up to date modern tech such as in-helmet HUDs, even though they are not on the pro circuit.

Buying Bikes for the Amateur Races

Motorcycles come in all sizes, and for the amateurs who are going to stick to non-professional racing, they have to determine which bike is going to fit their needs best. In some cases, they may have to finance their bikes with a personal loan. They will also have to obtain insurance. When doing so, they may have to declare that they are involved in amateur racing.

Clubs and Organizations

Throughout the many different provinces of Canada, there are numerous motorcycle clubs and organizations. Some of these are divided into categories. Some are reserved for the professional motorcycle racers, while others cater to the amateurs. Then, there are those which are relevant to both.

Organizations such as the Canadian Motorcycle Association will often have a list of amateur events listed, with some very popular races being promoted. There are often weekly races for the category of Amateur Motorcross which take place in different parts of Canada. Several are held in Saskatchewan, as well as British Columbia. They are organized by various clubs.

Amateur Racing

For those who want to participate in amateur racing in Canada, then they probably want to join racing events organized by the RAC. This is an organization which arranges races on different levels, such as for the novice, the amateur, and the pros. Some popular races are:

  • DOCC Mosport Rally

This event is organized by the Ducati Owners Club of Canada. The bikes used in this race are those from Europe with many being Italian. There are several rallies held throughout the year.

  • Canadian Superbike Championship

This is a combination of races which has divisions for professionals and amateur superbike racers.

Sport Bike Categories

Those interested in getting into amateur motorcycle racing should start by attending as many day track events as possible. This allows for gaining experience. Also, joining the right organization which promotes amateur racing will help one to break into the circuit. Some stay on the amateur circuit for a long time before they decide to go professional.