Top boat races in canada for amatuers

People have many interests regarding boating. Some individuals just like to cruise and enjoy the relaxation of being on the water. Others enjoy sporting events such as boat races. There are many levels of boat racing, but you have to start somewhere.

Sailboat Clubs

Many sailboat clubs exist in Canada. Some of them have sailboats available to rent. You can also purchase your own sailboat. Sometimes it is more cost-efficient to rent a sailboat, eliminating the need to put out a lot of money upfront. Renting also gets rid of the need to store, insure, and maintain the vessel. Many clubs offer sailing lessons. This is a great way to learn how to sail, especially when you are thinking of entering races.

Sailboat Races

There are several different types of sailboat races. There are dinghy, keel, able sail, catamaran, and windsurfing races. Most of these styles of racing require a team. The team may consist of different levels of skilled sailors. Amateurs may also become part of a team.

Canadian Ocean Racing: Extreme Sailing Team: Offshore Racing

The Canadian Ocean Racing team has entered the IMOCA Ocean Masters Open competition 60 times. The group expanded to include sailers of different skill levels, from beginners to fully experienced.

Dragon Boat Races

One of the most popular events in the boating world is dragon boat races and festivals. These events provide fun for the whole family.

  • Pickering, Ontario

Pickering, Ontario holds a Dragon Boat Festival in the early part of June. Dragon boat racing is a great event which includes all levels of experience. Amateurs do well in this type of race, as they are part of a large team of people with different levels of experience. There are several races for different categories.

  • Ottawa, Ontario

For the last twenty years Ottawa, Ontario has hosted the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. It is undoubtedly one of the largest dragon boat festivals in North America. There are more than 180 teams involving all levels of experienced racers.

  • Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival

This is North America’s largest and most popular festival. There are over 180 dragon boat teams from all over the world. This is where groups of different levels compete for highly respected titles.

Powerboat Racing

Gravenhurst, Muskoka holds an annual powerboat racing event. The Canadian Boating Federation awarded the Gravenhurst event with Race of the Year in 2016. The competition includes three boat types. There are t-boats, runabouts, and hydroplanes. All levels of experience can race in this event.

  • Peterborough, Ontario

Powerboat racing is becoming very popular in Peterborough, Ontario. Powerboat races are organized by the Ontario Power Boat Racing Association. Participants of all levels can enter.

There are many different locations both in the US and Canada, which host amateur boat racing competitions.